Vishuddhi Alaya

When the mind is controlled and still,

what remains is the soul. The ocean is the self, the waves are the thoughts. The self is silent – the thoughts make noise.
BKS Iyengar

Culturing our Being

Vishuddhi, Center for Personal Development, also called ‘Vishuddhi Alaya’, is a retreat place where we practice and study different aspects of ourselves in order to culture a mindset and body condition which is conducive to holistic health, peacefulness and knowledge of ourselves.

The courses cover a variety of aspects such as stress management, emotional balance, holistic health and understanding of our essential nature. Courses integrate practical and experiential knowledge with the relevant philosophical background.

The retreat place is located in a spiritual and natural environment that enhances tranquillity, relaxation and introspection.

Vishuddhi Alaya’s essence as a place of practice and study, purification and evolution of our being, is expressed in its name ‘Vishuddhi’–Purification and ‘Alaya’–Place.

Courses and Workshops

The courses and workshops at Vishuddhi Alaya offer guided practices and studies on different aspects and relationships of body, breath and mind. The aim is to know ourselves better, to evolve and culture our minds in order to become more healthy, balanced and integrated beings.

General weekly as well as weekend courses are offered on a regular basis for participants from inside and outside of Nepal. In addition, special courses can be designed for corporations and organisations as per their specific requirements.

The retreat place is also open for visiting teachers and their students.

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An ideal place to slow down and enjoy the stillness of nature

View from Vishuddhi Alaya towards the Himalayan range during the Monsoon

The founder of the retreat place is Adelheid Schneckenburger, a certified yoga teacher and practitioner, following the BKS Iyengar system of Yoga. Continuously studying and practicing the art and science of Yoga and its aspects on personal development, she shares her knowledge at ‘Yogaroom Kathmandu’.


Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana