Philosophy and place

The retreat place

is constructed using modern rammed earth technology and latest green technology in water conservation and usage.

Sustainable building practices, water saving and conservation techniques and organic farming promote our goal of sustainable living and blend in the philosophy of Vishuddhi Alaya, bringing together thoughtful techniques with respect for nature and its beauty.

Retreat, the guesthouse
Retreat, the guesthouse
Retreat, the guesthouse
Retreat, the dining hall
Retreat, healthy food
Retreat, Rooms
Retreat, Rooms
Retreat, Bathroom
retreat, drawing
Retreat, the hall

Prabal Thapa Architects
Kathmandu, Nepal


Matoghar - Rammed Earth Builders
Kathmandu, Nepal

Retreat setting

The retreat is surrounded by forests and has its own vegetable garden as well as fruit and nut tree orchard. The natural peaceful setting is accompanied by breath taking views of the Himalayan range. The Thrangu Tashi Yangtse ('Namobuddha') Monastery, a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and one of Nepal's holiest pilgrimage sites is a 40 minute footwalk away from the retreat.

Rooms and Facilities

The retreat consists of two residential buildings, a dining area, terrace and a spacious hall with floor heating and east facing window front. The space can be used for various purposes such as art workshops, yoga/meditation retreats or corporate events. By using natural colors and materials, the rooms and common areas are designed to enhance tranquility and peacefulness.

Vishuddhi Alaya
Healthy food at Vishuddhi


We believe that being in touch with the earth and eating food that comes from the area we are living in enhances healthfulness of body and mind. Our delicious meals are prepared with love and passion based on the sattvic principle of food, being pure, essential, natural, vital and clean. We use predominantly products and ingredients, organically grown in our own vegetable and herbs garden.